Did you know...a horse can hear a change in your heart rate from over 50 ft. away?
Equine Assisted Learning

We provide a unique hands on approach to Life Skills Development. Communication, critical thinking, leadership are just a few skills horses can teach us!
Beside our 8 &12 week curriculum programs, we also custom tailor a program or workshop for almost any group or ability level.

Equine Assisted Learning

Do you think our fears and anxieties are picked up by the horse? How do you think this affects the way we work with horses and each other? Everyone can benefit from equine-assisted work - not just therapy clients.

EAL at Manely Skills

What is Equine Assisted Learning? EAL is a learner-based educational experience with horses; Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and learn valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere, while working with horses.

The more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained.

About Our Horses

Horses are ideal teachers as they consistently model assertiveness and their feedback is instant and honest while never judging!

EAL Registered Quarter Horse


12 year old Registered Quarter Horse. She is a sweet and patient girl and very sensitive to her environment at all times. I am Missy and I am an EAL horse.
Morgan EAL Horse


18 year old Morgan/ Welsh Cob cross. Annie is our herd leader and matriarch. She loves attention and commands respect, as is her due! I am Annie and I am an EAL horse.
 EAL Mini Horse


I am a 10 year old miniature horse. I am the sweetest, most gentle horse here on the farm. I work really well with very young children and help people who are afraid of horses to overcome their fears before working with the BIG horses! I am Irish and I am an EAL horse.
EAL pony


I am a foster pony from Villi Poni Farm a Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. I hope to be an EAL horse very soon (I still need to work on not head-butting people when I want attention). I am Copper and I will be an EAL horse.

About The Facilitator

Vicky Colavolpe-Wormwood

EAL at Manely Skills
Vicky with her daughters, Rachel and Savannah

EAL at Manely Skills
Vicky with Kari Fulmek, Equine Connection owner at certification course.

I grew up mostly in Southern Maine in the Sanford, Alfred, and Lebanon areas (my family moved…a lot). Horses have been a part of my life since I was around three years old, and I had my first pony at five. My parents and younger sister still own horses as well. These amazing animals played a huge part in helping me overcome my own obstacles as a troubled child, and continue to be my “therapists” to this day.
I have worked in the special needs/ behavioral health/ youth at risk field since 2000, at first in group homes as a direct support professional and a CRMA. More recently I have worked as a behavioral health professional and habilitation specialist in a one on one setting with special needs and behaviorally challenged youth; helping them to learn coping skills, adapt to daily routines, and helping them to be as independent as possible.
Through Manely Skills, I am finally able to bring two of my passions in life together. I received my Equine Assisted Learning facilitator’s certification in August of 2015 from Equine Connection, the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, located near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. My instructors and mentors, Kari Fulmek and Carolyn Charles have been featured on the Family channel for their “Stand Up” to Bullies campaign.
The Building Block Curriculum used here at Manely Skills was developed by Tamara MacKinnon, who holds a Master’s degree in marketing and program development, a Bachelor’s degree in criminology, and an Associate’s degree in education. This curriculum has been studied and reviewed by Mount Royal University and endorsed by the Calgary Board of Education.

Prepare your children to take on the challenges that life throws at them.

Why horses? Horses look for a strong leader.

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